According to Foxnews, scientists have demonstrated that a cup of coffee is cooled for more than 45 minutes with potential health hazards. 45 minutes is the time when mold fungus and microorganisms in the cup begin to develop. Especially in the cold season, the flu bacteria and fever spread quickly, we should not drink the cafe has cooled. Do not drink a cup of coffee has cooled for more than 45 minutes.

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Believe it or not, when we say gout is drinking coffee to improve gout symptoms. The fact is not the words are not groundless, because many studies have been made and concluded that coffee is a beneficial drink for gout. People who are wondering if gout can get a drink should check out the article to make the right changes in eating and drinking for people with gout.


The Pulse Extraction Process is developed by Jura to optimize the extraction time and ensure the best taste for each espresso. , quality. Can adjust the density of coffee.


INOX / WITTENBORG FB5100 multifunctional espresso machine is designed with luxurious and classy design, trendy and convenient, INOX XM / WITTEBORG FB5100 multifunction machine is one of the most popular products in European market now.


With the demand for quality and safe coffee while improving the efficiency of work, many offices and offices have come up with solutions for coffee corner office to inspire and enthusiastic staff. at work.


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If you are having needs related to espresso machines as follows:
1️⃣️. You are in need of a coffee shop, you know the demand for coffee, but your financial resources are not enough to invest in a professional coffee machine and professional coffee grinder.

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