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Mushrooms are something that we encounter everyday when we go to the market. Many people like to eat mushrooms, but do not know how to make mushrooms taste better and less characteristic of it. There are many kinds of mushroom you choose in which abalone mushroom (mushroom) is used by many customers because of the delicious sweetness.

Often, customers buy only washed with salted water and then take away fried, this way makes the mushrooms faded and indelicate. And note that the mushroom in the nursing care is lined with catheter, the patient should not eat. Also in the daily diet of fungal yeast there is a way to make it more positive, mushrooms delicious and good for health.

How to choose mushrooms

Picking the freshest mushrooms possible, quality mushrooms cost a little more but when done, the pre-cooked will not waste. Mushrooms also called abalone mushrooms are very flat and thin hats, spongy but after cooking is very slippery. Most fungi are gray, beige, sometimes light yellow. Mushroom is very perishable, so cook it immediately after purchase. Mushrooms eat sweet, crunchy, tough. Mushrooms are generally taller, stiffer and sweeter than the smaller ones. When cooking, split the mushroom into two, three depending on mushrooms large or small.


Mushroom processing through 3 steps - The secret for the abalone mushroom sweet and brittle:

Stripping mushrooms
Large mushroom, you stripped in two or three, depending on what you cook. If the sausage is stripped of the double, porridge is also a smaller stripping (4-5 pieces).

Soaked mushrooms - First time
Prepare 1 tablespoon of salt water. Concentrate salt with 4 tablespoons of salt for a 2 liter of water is quite concentrated. And soak the mushrooms about 20 minutes then squeeze the drain to one side.

Soaked mushrooms - 2nd time
Bring the salt water diluted 2 times, about 2 tablespoons of salt for 3-4 liters of water to wash the mushrooms. Rinse the mushrooms 2 times and then squeeze out water. At this time mushrooms will be tough and crispy. Squeezing the water will expel the excess water from the fungus, and the salt will make the yeast fungal and the fungus stronger. Mushrooms are also not smelly. Note that this step is only washed, not soaked in the sisters.

Processing into dishes:

 1. Stir the mushrooms with garlic onions

Add onion, minced garlic or garlic to remove oil, non-aromatic garlic as well as deodorize the fungus (usually) of the fungus. Turn the mushrooms in a frying pan. Put a little salt in stir fry with mushrooms (Pay attention to the salt to mushroom stir fry not to salty). Mushrooms will be fragrant, tough and produce sweet taste.

2. Fry mushrooms with crispy fried flour.

The fried flour is poured into the 1/2 sealed bowl and the water is poured slowly, just to the water using chopsticks stir the flour. Stir the paste to stop the water. (Sticky rice flour is better than fried flour). Follow the mushrooms are drained to mix the flour into the mushroom.

Take a hot oil pan, for each mushroom ear to the oil pan. Two-sided gold foil (Note when fried cover lid licking oil on the person). This dish is served with chili sauce.


3. Cook mushrooms.

Wash the rice on the kitchen and pour half a pot of porridge. Stir continuously and add water until the rice blooms. Carrots, potatoes cut square seeds. Sliced mushrooms. Marinate meat with 1 tablespoon of seasoning and 1 tablespoon of fish sauce. Fried potatoes and mushrooms for fragrant.

Add carrots, potatoes to porridge are cooked gradually. When the color of the porridge, then mushroom flesh has stirred. Season with 2 tablespoons seasoning seeds and 1 tablespoon fish sauce.


4. Stir the mushrooms with chili paste.


For cooking oil, chopped lemongrass, chili powder for aroma. Add abalone mushrooms, soy sauce, seasoning wedge seeds to taste to taste the family. Plate and eat with hot rice.

5. Abalone mushroom salad

Lemon shredded carrots, lemon sliced tofu. For a tablespoon of vegetable oil, add a pan of fried onion to the fried mushroom, season with a spoonful of seasonings.

Carrots squeezed. Tofu with carrots in half a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, lemon juice and then add the mushrooms to the mixture. Add the roasted vegetables and roasted peanuts half finished.


In addition, we can also process other dishes from abalone mushrooms such as abalone with abalone mushroom, abalone with abalone mushroom, abalone mushroom abalone pepper, abalone mushroom soup with tomatoes, abalone mushroom fried rice paper rolls, vegetarian pho noodle soup, ...

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