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You currently need a brewery but worry about the price or worry about the maintenance mode of the coffee makers on the market, or you have to rent a machine every month to pay the most money. Whether you are looking for a variety of drinks or a café, or looking for a solution to serve the needs of morning coffee for office workers or travelers.

Sjali Vietnam will deal with your concerns as follows:

- We offer free coffees and coffees free of charge, providing free maintenance. 

- You pay by the number of glasses sold, how much to pay much.

Fully automatic coffee grinder (mixes two types of Arabica and Robusta processed by our exclusive formula) and make a cup of clean coffee without mixing chemicals for 30 seconds. Very convenient and suitable for offices, agencies, commercial centers entertainment, industrial parks ... Very suitable for places with many foreigners, tourists visiting.

Currently the company has two main types: 

JURA Espresso Coffee Maker 

Exit: Switzerland

Features: Pulse Extraction Process developed by Jura to optimize the extraction time and ensure the best taste for each espresso coffee.

With just one click of the button, you get a high quality espresso coffee. 

Can adjust the density of coffee


XM INOX / WITTENBORG FB5100 multipurpose coffee machine.

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Coffee, Campuchino, Matcha tea, Lipton tea, Hot chocolate, Socola Campuchino .....

With just one click of the button for 10 seconds, you'll get a great selection of drinks.



PLEASE CALL US OR RETURN THE PHONE NUMBER WITH THE ISSUE YOU ARE INTERESTED. We will contact for free, thoughtful and thoughtful advice.

For more information please contact:

Address: 13/1 Go Cam Dam, Ward 10, Tan Binh District

Phone: 08 3975 6383 - 08 3975 6384

Mobile: 0916 680 720 - 0902 792 262 - 0919 18 19 46

Espresso coffee appeared in Italy in 1930, which is commonly used in Italy, Spain and European countries.

Espresso is derived from Italian espressivo, which expresses a food specially made for diners. Espresso coffee is prepared by using high-pressure hot water (about 9 to 10 bar) through fine ground coffee powder. Made with this method, the coffee will be very intense and on the face there is a creamy foam that plays an important part in creating the aroma for coffee. Espresso coffee is usually taken with a pre-heated thick cup, a capacity of about 40 ml and with or without sugar depending on taste. Espresso coffee is usually served with a glass of water.

With espresso coffee machine .... , pure ground coffee is added to the automatic milling machine, then hot water from 88 ° C to 94 ° C is pressed at an initial pressure of about 9 bar (bar pressure unit) through the coffee powder. Very fine grind. Flow time should be 25 seconds, if the amount of water flowing through the coffee powder faster than the taste is not dissolved, the water flowing too slowly will have too much soluble bitter.

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