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Black-headed catfish (Auricularia auricula-judae) is known for its human-like shape, dark brown to black, growing on tree trunks. It has a rubbery texture, relatively hard and crunchy.nammeoMushroom is a special species, usually found only in tropical or subtropical areas. Wood is usually collected from wild sources for use. At present, many facilities have been able to produce and successfully build mushroom growing processes based on the substrate material that is wood-free plants that contain no essential oils and toxins.

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Nutritional ingredients in 100g of fungi contain 10.6 protes, 0.2g of lipid, 65.5g of glutamate fiber, 5g crude, 35.7mg Ca, 185mg Fe, 0.03mg carotene, 0.15mg vitamin B1, vitamin B1 B2 0.55 mg, PP 2.6 mg. (Nutrition Institute, Nutrition Ingredients of Vietnam, 1995).

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According to traditional medicine, fungus (fungus) sweet temper, go into the business, colon, cans, kidneys. Effect of blood pressure, stop bleeding from the impact, injuries. Cats make food tastes light, depending on the taste can add each person to create different delicious dishes. When used as medicine, mushrooms are a rare drug, drug promotion is slow so it can be used for a long time.

Mushroom Cats (Black Mushroom) are currently being built in a modern closed production process at the SAGO farm, helping to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Fresh cucumbers are sold during the day.

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